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What is fulFILL made of? fulFILL is made of 100% Recycled Post-Consumer #5 BPA free plastic. Helping to keep plastic out of the landFILLs. 

Where is fulFILL made?

fulFILL is manufactured in Massachusetts and some of the assembly is done by the amazing young adults of our local towns LifeSTART program. LifeSTART enables young adults with Autism and Down Syndrome who have graduated high school to acquire skills that they can take with them into the world.

Can I clean fulFILL?

Yes, for sure! Wash it with a dab of soap and water and then dry it completely. If you have any issues just contact us. Use a Q-Tip with rubbing alcohol to clean the pods as they don’t like water. 

What is the best way to open the lids?

We know they are bit difficult to open to start, it will get easier in time. The latches are on the inside so that they don’t accidentally open in your pocket, if you gently bend the container in the middle you can get to the latch. The easiest way is to use the side of your thumb to open them. It won’t damage your nails either. 😊 

Why do I only have 3 magnets?

We leave the 4th spot free for you to put pills or your water-based products directly into the container not in the pod. It gives you that little bit of extra depth. 

 What happens when my FILLers melt? 

In very hot weather you might experience some softening of your products. Just pop the container in the fridge for about 20 min and they will be good as new. The container was designed to keep the products seperate which will help if there is melting.

Is it messy?

 It really depends on how you FILL it. If you put too much product in then it can get on the lid but it is simple to clean off. We like to think the convenience outweighs the small mess. 

Is there anything I can’t put in my container?

Yes, we advise using non-water based products (water as the primary ingredient). The water will make the tin rust a bit. You want to FILL up with thicker products anyway so this shouldn’t be an issue. Think Balms, Zinc, Mineral and Oil based products. If you have a water-based product you love, like a lotion you can put it directly into the pod without the magnet. 

 How do I apply my products? Am I really supposed to use my finger? 

Yes, really! If you think about it, you already do a lot of the time with your products that come in a jar, tube or tin.  Just wash your hands if you are in a bathroom and if not, be creative 😉. Believe me the convenience outweighs the mess. 

How do I remove the pods?

They are easy to remove you just need to push them out a bit. If you rotate the container and push up they should pop out. If they pop out easily while applying your stickier product try holding the pod in the corner with one finger. 

Why a plastic mirror?

To keep the container light and flexible we couldn’t use traditional glass mirror. We suggest using the mirror for touch-ups and a quick teeth check but not for full make-up application. If you come across a super thin and light glass option please let us know. We are always looking to improve. :)

I see in some of your photos a different spatula then I received?

The original spatula we had sourced was abruptly discontinued by the manufacturer. After hearing from many of you about how you use the tool we are now sending a spatula for you to FILL your pods and then a lipstick/eyeshadow brush to use for your makeup if your wish. Replacement tools and eco-friendly bamboo brushes are available in the SHOP section also. Please contact us at thefulfill@icloud.com with any questions.