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These days there are so many reasons why we can’t always carry a bag,  here are some examples of how some of our customers FILL up....

Do you wear a uniform?
Are you a Medical Professional, Police Officer or Restaurant Worker and don’t have easy access to your locker or bag? fulFILL allows you to carry just what you need for your shift in your pocket. Lip-balm, Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Deodorant, Pills and Mints all in one slim case.

Getting Married or know someone who is? 
The perfect accessory for the most important day. 👰🏽 The Bride will be able to carry just enough of her personal lipstick color and concealer plus she can have an oil blotting sheet, mints, bandaid, hair elastic and even some body glide for any blisters that may appear after hours of dancing.
Perfect gift for the Bridal party too. 
Best part is that if fits into a lace garter, dress pockets or even a bra.

Wear a Costume?
Do you wear a Costume for work or play? If so, fulFILL can fit perfectly into your pocket or undergarments allowing you to stay in Character and still bring your essentials with you. 👑 ⚔️ 🎪 🚢 🎢

Natural Medicine
Do you use Homeopathic pellets or beadlettes but need a more convenient way to carry them without taking the whole tube with you when you just can’t carry a bag?
fulFILL allows you to carry your medicine as well as any balms, mints, lipstick, bandaid and toothpick.

Pain Management
Unfortunately there are many of you suffering with chronic pain and illness and you need several pain remedies throughout the day.
fulFILL allows you to FILL up with small amounts of CBD balms, medical marijuana, small pills, and then also some lipstick, gum, and other daily essentials. All without carrying a bag, you can now put everything you need in your pocket or phone wallet.