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fulFILL Container

fulFILL Container

fulFILL Container


The Container has a mirror (a plastic mirror so that the container can stay light and flexible) , a spatula for easy transfer of product, a lipbrush and comes with 4 empty pods for you to customize using your own favorite products. Perfect for carrying small amounts of your faves and mini tools. It is great for on the go makeup kits, bridal touch-ups, outdoor activities, runners, festival goers, sporting events, literally anywhere you need your “stuff” but can’t bring a bag! Lipstick, deodorant, hand sanitizer, pills, gum, makeup, balms, dental picks etc. The possibilities are endless!

Dimensions: 4.25 in X 2.25in X .25in, small enough to fit almost anywhere!


Customer Reviews

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Game Changing

fulFILL Container
  • Slim Design

    Allows you to carry fulFILL almost anywhere at anytime. 

  • Self-Contained Compartments

    Each of the 5 compartments latch separately so that there isn’t any cross contamination. 4 compartments hold pods and the other is longer to hold bigger items.

  • Interchangeable

    Each pod can be swapped out quickly so you can go from the gym to a date night easily. 

  • Makeup Artists New Favorite Hack

    fulFILL allows you to carry your essentials....it is perfect for your Brides and clients too.